Buff Bar

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This is an in shower moisturizer!! Use it in the shower after you've washed...use it just like you would a bar of soap, rub on your arms, legs, elbows etc... rinse off & pat dry. There is no need for additional moisturizer after using this bar. The ground up Adzuki Beans provide gentle but effective exfoliation and the combination of butters will leave your skin unbelievably soft !! For best results use while showering with warm/hot water. 

The fragrance for these is a blend of Sparkling Champagne, Peonies, Freesia and bottom notes of Amber, Almond Crème and Sugared Sandalwood

Each bar weighs 5 oz and will last you several weeks.


  • Kokum Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Adzuki Beans
  • Fragrance oil

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